The Bankrupt Cinema, LLC
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So who are you anyway?

Located in beautiful hot, humid, and expansive Houston, TX, The Bankrupt Cinema creates digital cinema.

That's it.

Everything we do, every dollar we spend, every relationship we forge is to make the finest independent content that we can possible conceive.

We do not limit ourselves to one experience, one viewpoint, but we work to show the perspectives and tell stories as diverse as our audience and our curators and staff.

More than that though, we are in love with cinema. Every member of The Bankrupt Cinema is a card carrying lover of film and puts all of our energy in to working as hard as we can to produce content that challenges, entertains, and satisfies.

We love movies and our passion fuels our art.

Bottom line... We make kick ass films!


Elegant Design

We employ various visual storytelling techniques in order to design just the right frame for our stories.

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Fearless Storytelling

Nothing is sacred. Nothing is off limits. If we want to say it, we will say it, without fear. We will serve you, our audience, truthfully.

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Cinema Minded

Although we are digital imagers, our process is as disciplined and focused as traditional film based productions.

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Adventure tempered.

We are old. We are young. We are seasoned. We are hip. We have experience. We have instinct.
Our team is dynamic! We pride ourselves on being dreamers and weavers, but ground ourselves in reality and honesty.