Darkest Corners pilot in 3rd revision!

Zach Washington of Amelior8 has partnered with The Bankrupt Cinema in creating the drama, Darkest Corners

Melvin Harris of T.B.C describes it as "a story that takes place in a world racked by grief, loss, and conflict. A young man struggling for meaning finds himself the site admin for a 'creepy pasta-esque' website where the stories are not as fictional as he believed. Now, he seeks the truth behind not only the stories he reads, and the people who contribute, but also the company who runs the site.
It's the perfect story for 2018. Nothing can be as surreal as our current reality."

Zach Washington, author of Tyre, Black Sky Bandits, and American Ronin, is a Houston based screenwriter

Melvin Harris, director of Aperitif and Keeper, is attached to direct.

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