The Bankrupt Cinema, LLC
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Ostensibly, The Bankrupt Cinema is a production company, but there is much more than meets the eye.

The Bankrupt Cinema is a highly curated digital cinema production/distribution/exhibition company dedicated not only to producing but also to screening innovative and diverse narrative and documentary feature, short and television content that challenges what can be achieved by whom and at what budget. The company was founded  to create a better way to work and watch high quality, independent content.

 We aspire to the greatest ability human beings have- the ability to create. We also hope that our creations connect us to individuals all over the globe.

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Content Curation

When the movie is ready...

We, as content creators, oversee collections of shorts (and/or anthologies) and selected feature and Television content, conduct public screenings through and Simple Machine, and prepare digital/online exhibitions.

In addition, our curators attend meetings, conventions, and civic events to find content for exhibition and/or programming.

We are not just curators of physical or digital content, we are curators of ideas.

Project Curation

Before the camera rolls...

Our team has standards. Before the camera rolls we check ourselves to make sure our projects follow strict guidelines which includes:

  • Conceptualizing

  • Creativity

  • Appraisal and selection

  • Preservation action

  • Reappraisal

  • Transformation

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Built With YOU In Mind

Everything we do is in service to what you want to see, and if you want to see something, we firmly encourage you to tell us! Talk to us! Facebook, Twitter, here at, we want you to talk to us. It is only through your support that we can create the type of content that you want to see.

We will challenge you; we will disagree with you; we will engage you; we will entertain you, and we will entertain you, but we will not preach to you; we will not sell you out; we will not treat you like you are unintelligent. We will respect you!

We create for you

What is your logo?

Well, it isn't a PAC-man thing!

It's Banky, the Evil Popcorn, and he is the guiding light of the company.

But first a little history.

When I was moved over the the high school level of education, I had to teach the Adobe suite of applications. I was teaching a lesson in Photoshop and to demonstrate the brushes, I began to create a simple figure. I put a couple of shapes together and created a little figure. My kids liked him. So did I. They said, "Hey Harris, you should use him." They knew I has aspirations of film-making grandeur. I said alright, I would use him. I would make him my logo. We named him Banky.


He was created to teach and became a symbol for everything we do. He is represents simplicity, collaboration, education, love, passion, and menace. He is ever watching, sleek and smooth; Black as night with a red eye shine. He was born from what we love to do which is create, and is a symbol of the purity of that creation and the danger of ignoring the creators.

That's what he is.