Moving from Fringe to Trend


Moving from Fringe to Trend

As a writer/director, I'm always looking for the stories that speak to me the most. 

Afrofuturism addresses themes and concerns of the African Diaspora   through a technocultural   and science fiction   lens

Afrofuturism addresses themes and concerns of the African Diaspora through a technocultural and science fiction lens

I also have a weird aversion to thing that are popular. I feel like a sheep that isn't smart enough to have my own opinion about the art that I enjoy.

It's a selfish position steeped in ego and pretension. 

And no one is really honest enough to say that to themselves, because power is not saying everything that you know so others will never know everything that you're planning, but when you are an asshole about everything that everyone else likes, how can you create for others as well as self. 

So, I went on a quest to find what actually would satisfy me creatively as well as become something that other people could latch on to and go on a journey with me... commercial and personal. 

The answer was already there. Afrofuturism.

So I am working and studying this immensely popular, but not quite mainstream genre and I have to be honest, I love it. It is the perfect melding of what I want to say and how I want to say it. I get to be the love child of Stokley Carmichael and Gene Roddenberry raised by James Baldwin and Steven Spielberg.  

It's amazing.