What is your logo?

Well, it isn't a PAC-man thing!

It's Banky, the Evil Popcorn, and he is the guiding light of the company.

But first a little history.

When I was moved over the the high school level of education, I had to teach the Adobe suite of applications. I was teaching a lesson in Photoshop and to demonstrate the brushes, I began to create a simple figure. I put a couple of shapes together and created a little figure. My kids liked him. So did I. They said, "Hey Harris, you should use him." They knew I has aspirations of film-making grandeur. I said alright, I would use him. I would make him my logo. We named him Banky.


He was created to teach and became a symbol for everything we do. He is represents simplicity, collaboration, education, love, passion, and menace. He is ever watching, sleek and smooth; Black as night with a red eye shine. He was born from what we love to do which is create, and is a symbol of the purity of that creation and the danger of ignoring the creators.

That's what he is.